Buttercup the Duck and 3D printing

I love these kind of stories.. The use of 3D printing shouldn’t be just limited to printing novelty items. Am looking forward to more actual practical uses like this, to be implemented, especially in Malaysia.

“Buttercup is an amazing duck, hatched with a deformed left foot. This new design features a movable ankle with plastic springs for support, tread on the bottom for grip, and a new sock retainer on the back! This entire foot is printed on a 3D printer unlike his 1st prosthetic prototype which was made using a hybrid 3D printing/urethane molding process.”

Seen here, is Buttercup, a duck which had a birth defect and could not walk properly. With the help of a 3D designed and 3D printed leg, Buttercup could start to walk again. Hooray!

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