Engineering Series : Computer Engineering vs Computer Science

In this series of Engineering Professions, today I would like to highlight profession of a Computer Engineer. A lot of people get confused between Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Computer Science deals with more the ‘soft’ aspect or rather the software side, which covers areas like Programming, Operating Systems, and networking. It covers programming languages like Java and C++.

Computer Engineering focusses more on the hardware side of things, like microprocessors. How hardware communicates with the software, etc.

Another good video is below, as it covers a more detail difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

In Malaysia, Computer Engineers are needed in the areas of  Aerospace, Electronic Factories, Product Design and Equipment design (R&D divisions in companies). Thye could be also involved in software related companies (a lot of them centred in Cyberjaya), because of their background in software too.

Enjoy the videos!


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