Engineering Series : Electronic Engineering

In this series of Engineering Professions, today I would like to highlight profession of an Electrical Engineer.

First off, let us distinguish between electrical and electronics engineering. It gets very confusing to tell one from the other for a high school graduate. Electronics engineering is in fact a subfield or a child of the wider electrical engineering discipline.

Electrical engineering basically deals with the generation, transmission and storage of electricity while the electronics engineering on the other hand deals with circuits and minute electrical components such as transistors, diodes, microchips etc. While electrical engineering is basically concerned with providing power to run electrical appliances, electronics engineering programs the operation and effective working of these electrical equipment and appliances.

So that brings us to the question as to how to determine if electronics engineering harmonizes and resonates well with your interests? If you are regarded by your family members and peers as being the “go to” person when it comes to repairing faulty and inoperative electrical equipment and  have always had a fascination with the working and operation of computers and other electrical equipment, then you should seriously look into adopting electronics engineering as your career.

Electrical engineering has several sub-disciplines and you can either specialize and focus on a single sub-discipline or make a combination out of these sub disciplines if more than one of these tickles your fancy. Some of these sub-disciplines are Power engineering, Control engineering, Electronics, Micro electronics, Signal processing and Computer engineering.

As an electronics engineer, you’ll have a diverse range of options of industries to select from including Aerospace, broadcast, control and instrumentation and networking industry just to name a few.

In Malaysia, Electronic Engineers are quite heavily in demand in electronic companies such as Intel, HP, Motorala (Freescale), Western Digital etc, especially where they have an R&D Division in Malaysia.  Some Malaysian companies hiring would companies like Silterra  which is into wafer fabrication. Most factories and Electrical equipment suppliers would need electronic engineers too.

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