Engineering Series : Mechanical Engineering

The Evolution of Mechanical Engineering (video by Edwin Raju, Youtube)

In this series of Engineering Professions, today I would like to highlight profession of a Mechanical Engineer. (While the video above highlights more of the role of mechanical Engineers in the transportation industry, other major areas Mechanical Engineers are involved would be the Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Construction industries)

Mechanical Engineering is the most popular undergraduate degree in engineering; according to the American Society for Engineering Education. If you have a knack for cars, toys, robots, machineries and have often found yourself wondering about their mechanism and working principles, then you should seriously look into adopting Mechanical engineering as your profession.

Mechanical engineering deals with manufacture, design and analysis of mechanical systems through knowledge of physics, materials science and maths. Mechanical engineering involves having to design and analyze mechanical systems that are employed in virtually every system that we see around us. Their areas of expertise include designing products, discovering new and innovative solutions to human problems through research and development, overseeing the operations of large systems, supervision, generation, storage and transfer of energy

Mechanical engineers design and analyze their systems from every aspect through extensive use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and take into account the potential outcomes that might hinder the proper working of systems and machines. (CAD is an area which our CAD Design Centre specializes in)

There are many disciplines of mechanical engineering at the disposal of mechanical engineers to select and specialize in. These sub disciplines include Mechanics, Mechatronics and robotics, Thermodynamics, design and drafting. You can opt to specialize in any one of these sub disciplines or form a combination of these sub disciplines that resonates well with your interests.

Below is a video of  Mechanical Engineer who is involved in product design. (Video by ConnectEd, Youtube)

In Malaysia, Mechanical engineers are needed in many industries including Automotive (Proton, Toyota, Perodua, Honda, Nissan – has large factories in Malaysia) , aerospace, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology . In fact in almost all factories, including Chemical  and Electronic Factories- the Mechanical Engineer is a needed profession.

Oil and Gas Industry – Mechanical Engineers are needed in all areas of this industry. Almost every component dealing with oil and gas extraction has a mechanical element to it. (Except at this moment of writing (Jan 2016) – the Oil and Gas industry is pretty much in a low, and firing is happening more than hiring. The salaries in this area is the highest, though.)

In the Construction industry – Mechanical Engineers are needed in the Mechanical and Electrical division (aka M&E) division. Here mechanical Engineers will take up the role of designing and implementing aircond layout and calculation for buildings, plumbing, Heat transfer, Fire fighting systems (example -water sprinklers layout) and anything that does not deal with the structure of the building. (At most times, you wouldn’t see these in buildings, as they are always hidden, to keep the outward look of the building)

Enjoy the videos!

Vyasa, Cad Design Centre

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