The Story: Why this series of Career Guide Articles for Technical studies – part 2

The fact is this whole process would have been much better if I started to get to know about what I want much earlier in life, say 15 onwards. I would have understood the importance of the various subjects that were thought during the ages of 15 onwards, instead of just studying for it. It would make the learning process a lot more fun if you know something about the career path you are wishing to undertake later on in life. Knowing a little about your potential future paths would have given a lot of meaning to the secondary school subjects.

During discussions with many of my fellow engineering students, I gathered that many of them got into the various Engineering fields by virtue of result and not any prior knowledge of the fields. I found this to be pretty interesting.. and what a waste of talent? What if students really knew about the various fields much earlier and get pointed to the right fields much earlier in the lives, and it would save them and their parents much stress and $$$$!

So here is a series of articles with videos I chose carefully from the internet, which I felt explains the field very well and in a simple way. Well, the articles are more technical related fields at this point of time, so be patient 🙂 Currently, it is about the various Engineering fields and Architectural fields,  I will be adding more fields in the near future.

The links to the articles are below. Enjoy the articles and the videos!

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Visit our Career Guide articles below:
Engineering – So What is Engineering?
       Mechanical Engineering
       Mechatronic Engineering
       Electrical Engineering :
       Electronic Engineering
       Cival Engineering :
       Highway Engineering :
       Chemical Engineering :   
       Computer Engineering vs Computer Science :

       What does an Architect do? :
       How to Design like an Architect? :

Cad Design Centre Helps Young ones, Teens and College Students in exploring the above courses early on, before they decide to step in the fields and incur a big College or UCad Design Centre - Apiit Engineering_02niversity fee.  For the already studying Uni Student, the courses will give them an edge in Uni, and at the Workplace

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