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Training in Asia Pacific University (Apiit)

I was invited recently to Asia Pacific University (Apiit) to do a training for their Engineering students on CAD (Computer Aided Design) AutoCAD and also 3D Printing.  The students were from various years, and from various Engineering fields and also part of their Engineering Club. The students were very bright, attentive and asked many questions, including about 3D Printing.

Here are some pics from the Class..

We are NOW open in Puchong :)

For young ones between 8-15 years old

Classes are during the weekends (currently Saturdays) from 10.30am-1130am
For special Holiday classes – please refer below; or you can contact us directly to find out more.

For college students and working adults:

For College / University students and Working adults who wish to learn CAD to enhance their work skills – click this link -> CAD for Adults and Uni Students.     Frequently asked by adults – can they start  with Zero experience, and if they are much older, can they still start this course? Yes, of course. All of our students start with zero experience, with a proven simple and easy way to understand, and our oldest student is 60+ 🙂

What We Offer (for young ones)

1. 2D Classes ( 3 months)
2. 3D Classes ( 3 months)
3. 3D Printing ( 3 months)
4. Tinkering ( 3 months)

Children start with 2D and then move on to 3D and 3D printing.  In between we’ll also hold tinkering sessions – where they get a chance to get their hands dirty, by physically building objects such as cardboard houses and wooden objects.

Session Fees:
RM 230/month – Ages 8-12 (4 lessons per month) inclusive of material
RM 330/month – Ages 13-17 (4 lessons per month ) inclusive of material

Holiday Classes:

From 10.30am – 3.00pm, Tues to Fri, (min 4 to start a class)
Prices inclusive of all material. Lunch will be provided,
1 day – RM 330
2 days – RM 600
3 days – RM 780


CAD Design Centre Sri Puchong
3rd Floor,
No 27, Jalan Puteri 4/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Google Map :
(close to Public Bank Bandar Puteri)

For those who are living in PJ / KL – our Hartamas Centre might be more convenient for you. Click here to find out about our Hartamas Centre.

Contact Us:   012-2737190

Please fill up the form at the right (for desktop browsers) or at the bottom of this page (for mobile users) and we’ll get in touch with you, You can also call us direct at 012-2737190 to find out more.

How to Design Like an Architect

Lately i have been working with quite a number of students, who were interested in pursuing a career of architecture in the future.

Here is a nice video by Doug Patt, explaining not about architecture, but about the design process some architects use. It involves a lot of research, thinking, and sketching to come up with different ideas.

He draws inspiration from Prof Edmund Bacon “Its in the doing that the idea comes”. That is, we must sit and work through something before we can find the best way to solve a problem. Solving a design problem is essentially taking what we know and putting it together with that particular challenge. When an architect sits down to problem solve they frequently sketch.

Enjoy the video!

“Its in the doing that the idea comes”

CAD Design Centre

Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa, Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa is the founder of Cad Design Centre, which teaches Young ones and Adults Computer Aided Design  (CAD), 2D, 3D Designs and how it applies to the Engineering, Design and Architectural fields and 3D Printing, in Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun and Puchong.
View more:
-> Hartamas Centre
-> Puchong Centre


Learning AutoCAD and Layout Design to help with current work

Mrs Nesam has always been interested in learning new things, and upgrading herself.

In her office, she has been involved in the layout design of certain parts of her office, and having this responsibility required her to pass designs, read designs and sometimes modifying layout designs to be passed to vendors.

For her, learning AutoCAD gives her an edge in her work, and shortens her time discussing and redoing things with her vendors, as she is able to make changes fast, on her own.

In class, she obviously had a big interest in design, and she got really busy designing her own house.

Hope this AutoCAD class helps her with her work, and wish her the best in her office work!

Vyasa, Cad Design Centre