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Linkedin Engagement Group

Hi everybody, welcome to this Linkedin Engagement Group.
My name is Vyasa, and I’ll help to moderate this group.
We will use WhatsApp as a means to connect with each other.
  1. Benefit for the post creator – To increase the organic reach of our posts/articles, by means of commenting or liking the post. Working alone, it creates fewer likes, and lower reach.
  2. Benefit for the commenter – as you post comments and/or likes – your reach also naturally increases, as your activities are shown on your network, boosting your personal reach.
As a guide – here is an article on the science behind how a group like this can create more engagement for each other, and more traction for posts. –
How it works
After you have created a post in Linkedin, share the Linkedin post link with the WhatsApp group – where the rest of the group can help to like or comment on the linkedin post, to generate engagement. This will increase your Linkedin reach by 5 to 10 times, compared to if you just post it on our own.
Ground rules in the WhatsApp group
  1. As everyone here is quite busy – let’s try to keep it only about work or business. Which means no ‘good morning’ greetings, motivational posts, or ‘one to one’ discussions on this group. No politics, race based or anything that can incite. We are bigger than this.
  2. Let’s not have expectations of business or referrals with each other, to keep this light and easy. (But I’m sure, some will happen naturally, as we get to know each other’s business better)
  3. Posting guidelines : not more than 4-5 articles/posts a week, and also max of 1 article/post a day
How to make this group effective for yourself
  1.  In the group, there will be some people we know, and some we don’t , do add them to your network, so that you could comment and like. Better still get to know them through their linkedin profile.
  2. Try to post something related to what you are interested in, at least once a week. Better still if it’s regarding some of your work, or even your thoughts – in an article.  Posting a few times a week would be even better.
  3. Take time to comment on the post/ article shared by the group. The first one hour is important as linked in treats the engagement during the first hour very highly in their algorithm to spread out your post. So if you are very busy – try to at least like the post first.
  4. Share the link of your post with our group in WhatsApp – and give a brief note about the link.
  5. The members in this group are all influencers in their own right – Business owners, speakers, trainers, coaches, etc.
  6. To make it interesting and create more engagement, we can ask simple questions as comments to the post to create a bit of interaction, which leads to more engagement when the post owner answers – The linkedin algorithm likes banter or interaction.
  7.  If you don’t have time, just hit like first, and try to comment later. Within the first one hour, is best. the algorithm uses the first 1 hour to test if the article is of use. 

Members of the group:
Rajen Dorairaj
Head, Corporate Engagement, Digital Adoption Ecosystem at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Nantha Kumar
Founder of Pulsy – helps to monitor your workforce movement, within the office premises and remote staff movement. Track their movement, and logging in to remote locations – like project sites, external maintenance facilities, factories, power plants, car service centers, construction sides, retails & others.

Sumathi Krishnan:
Corporate trainer specialising in communication skills. 18 years facilitating programs on: biz English, biz writing, customer service and presentation skills.

Maresa Ng:

Leading Action Coach in Malaysia – 2 businesses

1) ActionCOACH ( and We work with business owners and CEOs to help them grow their bottom line through better sales, marketing, systems, team management and leadership strategies.

2) AccuMatch Leadership Profiling ( We work with leadership teams and teams-at-large to better work with one another, through understanding each others’ behavioral profiles.

Balamurugan Nallapan
Founder of Moby Fintech Sdn Bhd
Customer acquisition App, working with the Banks to acquire and pre-screen customers to match their requirements.

Sarkuna Shanmugam
Founder, Business Boosters – Channel Loyalty Specialist
Business Boosters rovides cloud-based Dealer/Channel Loyalty program to help brands/manufacturers engage and reward their dealers.

Remakantan Ramachandran
Serial Entreprenuer and Inventor. Latest venture – Electric battery solutions for motorcycles

Azleen Abdul Rahim
Marketing Expert – NSE, social media management company, and owner of magazine

Vyasa Kandasamy (Group Admin)
1. Cad Design Centre, a training company, which specializes in technical training for Engineering related people, like AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, Project Management and  soft skills like Human Resources and Admin training

2. Animagix Videos – creating short Animated videos to help clients market their product or services in an easy manner, over and over again.


Vyasa, 012-2737190


Some Test results

10 Dec 2018
I did one post today, and one post last week. Both similar posts, with video.

Post A on Dec 1, 2018- 114 views, over 1 week.

Post B on Dec 10 , 2018- with 6 comments and 7 likes from this group – 301 views, in 24 hours