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Learn AutoCAD 2D in 2 Days

AutoCAD 2D for Adults –Beginners’ Course (Start from Zero)

Benefits for Working Adults – Why this course?

  • Your company needs you to be proficient, or at least have a simple working knowledge of AutoCAD or any other CAD software
  • Creating product designs
  • For Plan Reading
  • Editing other people’s drawings
  • Office layout, plans
  • Creating designs of products or buildings
  • You not having the knowledge of AutoCAD slows down your work a lot ( you need to depend on others to do simple edits, or corrections, or designs)

Course outline:

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture, Product Design, Furniture Design and Computer Animation.

  • AutoCAD OverviewCAD 2D Drawing
  • Menus, Toolbars and Command Line
  • General Terminology
  • Drawing Editor
  • 2D Drawing Commands
  • Drawing Setup
  • Basic Operating System
  • Basic Selection Sets
  • Editing Commands
  • Display Commands
  • Object Snap and Drawing Tools
  • Setting Commands
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Inquiry Commands
  • Basic Plotting/Printing
  • Basic Blocks/Symbols
  • Layer, Color and Linetypes
  • Layer Previous
  • Basic Dimensioning
  • Crosshatching
  • Text Commands/Multitext

What our students say about us :

“I have always thought learning AutoCAD will be difficult, and it will take a long time to master it. So I never got started. But I was wrong. Cad Design Centre made the learning of AutoCAD very easy to understand for me, even at my age” Ramli Baharudin, ASJ Consulting Sdn Bhd

“My office had Microsoft project, and very few of our employees knew how to use it. As I frequently depended on others to plan and enter the data for the project, I decided to learn it myself. In 2 days, Cad Design Centre thought the simple way to manage projects with Microsoft Project, and I am very happy with my new learning. I could quickly use what I learnt, in my office” – Mr C.H. Yap

View what our students say:

Ahmad Hairi (Oil & Gas Consultant) 


Kent, Spirit Aero (Aeronautics company, Subang)


Loga, IOI Group (Construction Company)


Courses we offer and what it is about :

2D /3D / CAD

AutoCAD 2D Essentials – is for beginners (with no experience or very little experience in AutoCAD) – what you will learn – Go from zero to knowing how to create new drawings, or edit existing drawings.

AutoCAD 2D Advanced is for those already familiar with 2D – but want to delve deeper into title blocks, scale, viewports, handling multiple drawings, importing and exporting objects from multiple drawings. title

AutoCAD 3D Essentials– is for those who are already familiar with AutoCAD 2D and want to advance to 3D

Solidworks 3D Essentials– is for beginners starting with Solidworks . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Solidworks

Inventor 3D Essentials– is for beginners starting with Inventor . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Inventor

3D Studio Max Basics  – is for beginners starting with 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max Intermediate – is for those already familiar with 3D Studio Max – wanting to go deeper into rendering

Project Management

Microsoft Project Basics – is for those with no experience using Microsoft project, or just starting with Microsoft project.

Microsoft Project Advanced – for those who are already very familiar with Microsoft project and wish to advance further – S Curves, Reporting, Combining with Excel

Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk Management – is for those involved with projects – Participants will learn about achieving objectives by successful planning, organising resources and effective execution whilst managing the expectations of customers and stakeholders. They will also learn how to manage resources so that there is no wastage of time and money.

Fees  – 2D, 3D, CAD

  1. AutoCAD 2D Essentials    (Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )
  2. AutoCAD 2D Advanced(Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )
  3. AutoCAD 3D Essentials (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )
  4. Solidworks 3D Essentials (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )
  5. Inventor 3D Essentials (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )
  6. 3D PrintingEssentials : (Normal price RM 2150, current promo RM 1490)
  7. 3D Max Basics(Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )
  8. 3D Max Intermediate (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )

Fees  – Project Management

  1. Microsoft Project   (Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )
  2. Microsoft Project  Advanced  (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1450 )
  3. Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk Management(Normal price RM 1350, current promo RM 1150)


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CAD Training to upskill workforce for the Telco market

Recent training with Ace Training, to up skill graduates from various Universities in Malaysia. Here they get an intensive one month training, on various Telco related subjects and know hows, including learning CAD, before they get absorbed into the job market. This way, they would be able to start performing in their job from day one, without going through extensive trainings by their future employers.

Learning AutoCAD as a way to identify future career paths.

Recently, a group of young enthusiastic students, who just finished their SPM and A Level exams decided to learn AutoCAD, as a way to find out if their career options they had in mind is really what they wanted to do in the long term.

The team working hard solving their design challenges

The team working hard solving their design challenges

As they were interested in Architecture, and Interior Design, the 2 day AutoCAD course was designed more towards their interest in these areas. The 2D Autocad drawings exercises were actual drawing exercises from the architecture and Interior design fields. During the course, they asked many good questions about these fields, to clarify the use of AutoCAD in these fields, and all the while getting exposed to how architects and interior designers think. While they were interested in Architecture, they were also exposed to various Engineering fields, to also know what the different fields in Engineering is all about, just to widen the future career scopes.

The happy graduates - Cad Design School

Learning AutoCAD or any CAD Program, with people experienced in the field gives a good chance to understand the field itself, and also how people in the field think.  Sometimes what a person thinks about a field, and also the actual work that goes on in the field can be a little different, and can lead to disappointment.  So getting to know the field very early on, before embarking in college life, and getting focused on the subjects, is a good move.

CAD Design Centre, Malaysia

Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa, Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa is the founder of Cad Design Centre, which teaches Young ones and Adults Computer Aided Design  (CAD), 2D, 3D Designs and how it applies to the Engineering, Design and Architectural fields and 3D Printing, in Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun and Puchong.
View more:
-> Hartamas Centre
-> Puchong Centre

Step by step guide to draw a 3D house with AutoCAD

I like this video.  A very simple guide on drawing a 3D house with AutoCAD.

Video by Mufasu.

To know more or learn about AutoCAD in KL, Petaling Jaya, Puchong or Selangor – visit

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