Project Madam Saras’ home

Project : Madam Sarasvathy’s home, with 16 kids and 3 adults

Kim and myself recently met with  Madam Saraswathi in Petaling Utama, Sunway on Oct 1st, 2015 (we have both been working on bringing in donation for her home for sometime, but realised we need to do this in a bigger way to effectively help them in the long term).

A little bit about them:
She is single-handedly looking after 16 young ones, from the ages of 3 to 21, including 6 of her own.

How she currently survives:
1. RM 450 from the Welfare Organization
2. Son (19 y/o) who is working as a despatch boy (earns around RM 900)
3. Daughter who works as a nurse in Assunta Hospital. (earns around RM 1000)

Our plan:

To get them into self sufficiency, by June 2016 .  To be divided into 3 main phases at the beginning:

Phase 1:
Immediate needs, Sept – Dec:

Monthly Needs:

Rental + Utility: RM 1000
Food : RM 2800
Transport: RM 280

Misc : RM500

Monthly total required : RM 3580

Phase 2 – Relocating to Bentong ( Dec 2015) – Move to be self sufficient

Her eventual plan next year is to move all her children to a village area in Bentong, where there are schools within walking distance (Tamil, Chinese and National schools).

The cost of living will be much lower, and she already has plans of working on chicken farming, which her husband is currently doing there.
(Her husband is in Bentong, looking after his invalid mother).
Besides that, relocating to Bentong also lowers the chances of the children being exposed to negative influences & social ills that are children are more prominent in bigger towns/cities.

Monthly needs: estimated the same

Expanding a chicken biz, which her husband is already doing in Bentong. Her husband is doing this in a small way, now to expand this, to give a family sustainable income. They buy baby chicks, and sell them immediately or about 2 weeks to locals, and visitors from town.

Also turkeys for Christmas.

Estimated investment: RM 9000 (in stages).

Madam Sarasvathy’s background:
Age: 40, Previously worked as cook in Assunta for 10 years. Has been looking after the children for more than 10 years.

Husband, 43 – small scale chicken farmer in Bentong, looking after invalid mother there (they tried bringing his mother here, but as she is very old and an invalid they couldn’t live in a small house crammed with kids)

We have interviewed them, and feel she is quite frugal with the way she spends  She is always trying something or another to fund her family.

Additional Notes:

– she struggling daily & barely have enough to feed the kids, pay the rent, bill or at times medical expenses.

– it is amazing that she managed to survive under such dire situation for so long.  We take our hats off for her tenacity & strength.

– her relatives advised constantly (no help here but useless advice) to send the brother’s kids to the orphanage.  But she is determined to keep them because of her good heart despite the hardship.

Our Long Term Strategy:
We’ll work on getting her immediate needs (Sept- Dec needs) fixed first, with immediate cash requirements:

For her monthly needs: we’ll work with people who are interested to commit monthly auto-deductions (perhaps RM 50 -RM 100 per month, or more for those who can afford it)  -paypal auto-deductions can be done (minus paypal’s fees of 4%), as well as autopay arrangements with your own bank}

Also to look for organizations that might be willing to adopt this family – i.e. churches temples, etc..

Long term relocation: Phase 2 relocating family to Bentong, and be self sufficient through her chicken business.

Different types of help she could use now:
1. Biz planning skills – accounting, simple biz planning (profit loss)
2. Financial help : Food, rental, children’s books, clothing
3. Volunteers to help manage projects – non financial related – filing up forms and writing papers to get help from various governmental organizations and ngos and also sourcing for available help out there from Governmental bodies and NGOs that is already available.
4. Relocation to Bentong – looking for the home there, helping them to settle down there.
5. IT help – to help set up a page, that makes it easy for donors to donate monthly (monthly autodeduction) – either paypal, etc

Other links:

Star Article – Mar 2014 –

Household grocery and item needs, Names of children, age and school: 



Update Dec 1 2015: New home: Bentong, but comes back to KL sometimes
Bank account : CIMB BANK Acct no. 7602119330 – Sarasvathy Thevi


Current Team working on Project (as of 5 Oct 2015)

Kim, Vyasa, Chan, Tanapaal, Winnie

Team update:

Contact: Vyasa- 012-2737190


Updates 15 Dec 2015 : 

We’ve managed to move the family from KL to Bentong where they want to raise the kids. Cost of living is much lower, it’s much easier to keep a lookout on the kids plus she gets to the chicken farming business and also grow their own vegetables.

By the way 6 of the kids were selected to become prefects in their new school in Bentong, which they are very happy about.
We’ll continue supporting them for 6 months until June, until their little business becomes a little more stable. It’s still up and down as all new ventures are.

For the new year, they’ll need money for:
1.School clothes- new prefect uniforms
2.School books

For the full details on them please have a look at this link:

For direct banking to her:
Sarasvathy Thevi a/p Nathan
Acct no. 7602119330

Pictures: (Jan 17 visit to Bentong)

Her contact details (if you wish to get in touch with her directly)

Madam Sarasvathy:
Phone: 016-8654461


Updates:  9 Aug 2016

Current number of adults kids in Bentong home : 16 kids & 3 adults (Saras and her husband,  and 1 grandmother  (Of the original 18 children – 1 passed away in an accident, 2 are in an asrama, 3 more are seeking for work in kl)

They were surviving with very little income originally about 10
months ago. Over the last 10 months, they have been slowly
building a chicken biz (Buying and selling little chicks, in
Bentong, Pahang), and they have been partially funding
themselves through this biz. Thanks for funding our past
efforts – dear friends and well wishers.

I’m now looking to raise a fresh round of funds, as from our
calculations, they will still need some money monthly for their
day to day expenses, schooling of the children, and also for
some expenses building their chicken biz.

We’re targeting to raise about RM 26K for the next 6 months.
The target is to help them build a better biz to self fund
themselves, by lending a hand.

1. RM 6K for some major repairs (lorry is unable to move
now, without the neccesary repairs), balance payment to own the
lorry fully & road tax for the lorry. (update 20 Aug 2016 – lorry repaired with some donation – now road tax and paying balance of lorry and road tax – balance to raise RM4500)

2. RM 2.5K monthly for daily expenses for the household and
kids school going expenses,  rental, utilities – For the next 6
months. -Total RM 15K

3. RM 5K for some biz capital.

For direct banking to her:
Sarasvathy Thevi a/p Nathan
Acct no. 7602119330

or you could also reach us at 012-2737190 or to channel the help through us.





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