Remote Control Aeroplane Course – Learn to Build and Fly your RC Plane

RC Airplane Course   

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In this course you learn to make and then fly your own Remote Control battery powered Aeroplane (RC Plane).

What you will learn:
1.Learn aerodynamics of flight – wing design, lift, bernoulli effect
2.Learn measuring, cutting and precision, while designing parts that make a plane.
3. Learn about glues, and how they work practically.
4. Servo motors, controls, electronics
5. Using the plyers to bend metal
6. Soldering components and electrical wires
7. Fibre taping and graphite rods to strengthen and make quick fixes..
8. Learn to fly!
9. Learning to make simple quick fixes at the field

It’s very different from just buying a plane from the shop, and flying it. Nothing beats the satisfying feeling of seeing something created from scratch with your own hands, and then finally seeing it fly. Learn to build, understand how it works and later make simple repairs to the plane if it crashes (which it definitely will 🙂

Age group : 13 years and above up to adults
Dates :         Dec 5 & 6 (Sat & Sun)
Venue :         Puchong
Time :        1pm – 6pm  & 11am-6pm

Normal Fees: RM 990 + cost of materials RM300

Current Promo Fees:
RM 690 each for 1 pax
RM 590 each for 2 pax
+ (cost of materials per pax = RM 300).

(Materials are inclusive of all materials do build plane.  Not inclusive of Controller and Battery charger – theses will be loaned during the course duration)

Please fill up the form below, or email
or Call +6012-2737190 (Malaysia)


I am a Professional Engineer, running my own consulting firm. Have always wanted to fly planes, I guess it is the romantism attached to flying. When I heard about this course, I jumped at it.It’s because I love do build things with my own hand. I love to understand how things work, so it makes a lot of sense to build it on my own. As I was building it, I realised there are many engineering principals I am learning together while building these RC planes, which I learn’t a long time ago in my undergraduate course, but never seen it being used in actual practise.

Finally watching the remote control airplane I built fly is such a beautiful experience.. I guess this is how the Wright brothers might have felt when they saw their plane flying for the first time!

Ir. Vijaya Kumar
Old Klang Road


Course Trainers:
Father and Son team, Winston and Aaron de Rozario.


RC Aeroplane training

55 years of experience in building and flying Remote Control Aeroplanes
Started with free flight gliders then moved to controlled line engines. Eventually went to radio control, then started building. Eventually built for hobbiest, hobby shops, and competetion flyers. Trained about 2000 people from simple first timers right up to competition flyers. Designed Malaysia’s first UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), and hydrogen powered remote control aeroplane. Has thought in various universities this subject. Did Projects for Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia.
Famous for designing in petrol and glo fuel. Also a distributor for MVVS Engines from Czech Republic.


Principles of the motor - RC aeroplane

Principles of the motor – RC aeroplane

Has about 20+ years experience in building and flying RC planes. He is always building and experimenting. Involved designing and building the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Always built his own toys. Areas of expertise involved – plastic models (for showcase), balsa models, fiber glass molding, foam carving, wood carving. Great in designing and building electric aircrafts, petrol and glo fuel aircraft.

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Rc Airplane buiding, repair and Remote Control aeroplane course in Pj, KL, Puchong, Damansara, Klang and Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Learn how to do minor Repairs on your  RC planes, when the plane crashes or falls. Understand the principles of flying.

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