How to Design Like an Architect

Lately i have been working with quite a number of students, who were interested in pursuing a career of architecture in the future.

Here is a nice video by Doug Patt, explaining not about architecture, but about the design process some architects use. It involves a lot of research, thinking, and sketching to come up with different ideas.

He draws inspiration from Prof Edmund Bacon “Its in the doing that the idea comes”. That is, we must sit and work through something before we can find the best way to solve a problem. Solving a design problem is essentially taking what we know and putting it together with that particular challenge. When an architect sits down to problem solve they frequently sketch.

Enjoy the video!

“Its in the doing that the idea comes”

CAD Design Centre

Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa, Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

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