Recent class in MDEC for students and parents

Had fun teaching a group of very interested students and parents in MDEC  (Multimedia Development Corporation).  Young ones as young as 6 and with their parents came, and enjoyed the class. The class was done as a collaboration between MDEC, Dreamcatcher  together with CAD Design Centre and IMakerzone. It is an initiative to promote the knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths amongst young ones and adults.

I too feel that very little practical emphasis is given on these subjects in school. It is more theory and less practical currently, and it would definitely douse the fire in any young ones inventive mind.


Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa, Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa is the founder of Cad Design Centre, which teaches Young ones and Adults Computer Aided Design  (CAD), 2D, 3D Designs and how it applies to the Engineering, Design and Architectural fields and 3D Printing, in Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun and Puchong.
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Loves life, exploring and exploring technology. Founder at the Cad Design Centre : Technology Training and Consulting- CAD, AutoCAD, 2D, 3D, 3D Printing, Programming, Animated Video and Computers. For Professionals, Adults and Young Ones

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