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Company in China prints 10 houses in 24 hours

While we are all coping up with the recent new technology that is 3d Printing, here in Malaysia, our neighbour China has already started experimenting with 3d printed apartment houses. They recently displayed the buildings in the Su Zhou Industrial park, not too far away from Shanghai.

The building stands five-stories and encompasses an area of 1,100 square meters. The best part is the material used for 3d printing is recycled construction waste, coupled with quick forming cement. Not only that the technology brings houses to readiness fast, it is pretty environment friendly too, something that I love about this company.

The company that does this is WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, based out of Shanghai. It is the brainchild of Ma Yihe, who has been a pioneer in 3d printing of buildings in China.

From information given in WinSun’s website and the video, it is shown that the printer creates pieces by laying the frame and sides of the hollow walls and after that filling it in with a crisscross design, with material inserted to give fortification. The organization says that design is controlled by a CAD Program. Very similar to how our current 3d printers print small models with plastic right on our desktop, except here it much much bigger, the printer head extrudes wet cement instead of  molten plastic.

Their current modus is to 3d print the big parts in their own factory and then sent them to the site, where it is assembled. So, you don’t really get a massive big printer on site. I suppose it is a matter of time, before the technology get’s to this point, especially when you need to construct larger number of houses.

Looking forward to have a 3d printed houses done right here in Malaysia sometime soon, with our own Malaysian born talent!


CAD Design Centre

Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa, Receiving the speaker tag, at the recent Makers Week convention

Vyasa is the founder of Cad Design Centre, which teaches Young ones and Adults Computer Aided Design  (CAD), 2D, 3D Designs and how it applies to the Engineering, Design and Architectural fields and 3D Printing, in Sri Hartamas, Taman Tun and Puchong.
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3D Printing Funny Video

To see video, click on Image below

A really funny video about 3D Printing.

A really funny video about 3D Printing.

Found this video about 3d printing really funny. Of course, the video is super exaggerated. 3d printers definitely do not print this fast, and they definitely don’t print out items just like this. It could take 5 hours, just to print  an object like a small  toy car.  And there would be a lot of extra prints that need to be cleaned out.

3D printing, this is definitely not, but definitely good for laughs!

To learn 3d printing, Drawing and Modeling for 3d Printing, right here in Malaysia  -> do visit www.CadDesignSchool.com

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