Video : Engineering : How Aeroplanes work, and the biggest aeroplane in the world

Came across a very nice video explaining how aeroplanes work. The video explains nicely how aeroplanes get to fly.   The video is by Minute Physics, and the link is from youtube –

The text below is also a good explanation of how the thrust backwards helps to the aeroplane stay in the air.    excerpt From the NASA website:…/dynamicsofflight.html

Airplane wings are shaped to make air move faster over the top of the wing. When air moves faster, the pressure of the air decreases. So the pressure on the top of the wing is less than the pressure on the bottom of the wing. The difference in pressure creates a force on the wing that lifts the wing up into the air.

Below is another video of the Biggest Aeroplane in the world. Really awesome.. wish I was there to see this. Of course, all aeroplanes are initially planned out and designed with Computer Aided Design or CAD. Enjoy the video!


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